The extended edition/addon is a major overhaul of the original game created by Nival Interactive. It contains over 20 new missions that take place on "new" maps. Here you can read about its features in more detail and how it came to be.

This project got started more than 10 years ago, as a simple translation job for the Russian community. It was later forgotten and have been collecting dust until 2017 when it was started again.

The short story and background behind it is the Russian Evil-Islands community at large. They produced an somewhat buggy and unbalanced mission pack of different missions that took place on all lands (from Gipath to Suslanger). Since Nival is a Russian company and the largest part of the Evil-Islands community being Russian naitves, it was never translated to English speakers, nor was it ever balanced or fixed in order to make sense with the games original multiplayer missions.

The goal of this addon is to translate all the missions into English and to balance all current and new missions (with their respective new and old zones - with new meaning zones that was previously only playable in singeplayer). The base for balance is and have always been Erasers mod (which Nival even supported back after the game launch). It was considered more balanced and playable.

Some of the "new" zones include (Ruins - where you start off with Zak in singleplayer), Orc/Armadillo cave, Sands and many more. Maps from singelplayer have been used in all worlds.

Maps are not the only thing from singleplayer that is being utilized in this multiplayer addon. Monsters and items are also being rebalanced in order to fit with multiplayer. Hopefully when finished the zones which you previously visited as Zak will feel familiar.

Stay tuned for future updates and more information to come.

// Evilislands-extended team